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Stuart Stone

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West Bloomfield, MI


West Bloomfield Fine Artist

Welcome to StuArt, where the appreciating of unique art produced with advanced design mixes with shared experience of libation and gatherings.

The art that Stuart produces is a combination of beverage art combined with scenarios that produce a meaning to the libations shown.
Produced in digital modeling software, let’s Stuart compose the scene in his own unique way. The art is formed in a 3D program, composed and later produced and printed on various media., such as stretch fabric or Gilclee on canvas and paper.

Stuart Stone was born in the Detroit, Michigan and attended
Cass Technical High School where he studied design.
He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design
at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.
Stuart has achieved national recognition as an exhibit and display designer.
He has been written up in many exhibit journals.
Always ahead of industry trends, Stu introduced concepts to the industrial trade shows such as; Video display walls, Velcro for adaptability within a display, etc. Continuing on with the leading edge, while branching out in a personal direction, has led Stu to create these “digital still lifes’.
He is now using 3-dimensional imaging software to create art work for the home, office and restaurant arena environments.
The elements in his work are virtually constructed on computer by Stuart Stone. Some pieces are produced in limited editions and can be produced in a choice of sizes on various media.
He has also and will do commissioned artwork and in the tradition of all artists, Stu would be happy to discuss custom projects and commissions.

Stuart’s latest artwork, is the subject of beverages used in unique compositions.
His ability as an industrial designer gives the subjects in his artwork
a unique design element and presentation.
He includes the beverage and other subject matter and props
to bring the composition into a theme.
The charisma of his artwork comes from the visualization of his themes.
telling a story to the viewer at a single glance, an initial visual punch while having enough depth and layers to allow for lasting contemplation.

The viewer, can then go back and enjoy the detail that go into the art piece.

In the short span, Stuart has been producing this artwork,
He has found enjoyment building these vignettes
in his mind and producing them on the blank computer canvas limitless field that is the vortex/origin of the software and monitor, utilizing colors,
lighting, backgrounds and reflections.

Stuart hopes that you enjoy his artwork as much as he has in producing it.



Kitchen Italiano by Stuart Stone


Malbec Wine - Romance Expectations by Stuart Stone


Romance Italian Contemporary Wine by Stuart Stone


Contempoary Wine and Roses by Stuart Stone


Happy Hour by Stuart Stone


Bottle of Red...Bottle of White by Stuart Stone


Ready for the Big Game by Stuart Stone


Geppettos Workbench-The Creation of Pinocchio by Stuart Stone